United Methodist Church



8650 Campbellton Fairburn Rd.
Fairburn, GA 30213


Our History

Once There Was a Town Called Campbellton...
     The Town of Campbellton began to build up in the early 1800s along the banks of the Chattahoochee River, in Campbell County, Georgia.

Then There Was a Church Called Campbellton...
     In 1830 the Campbellton Methodist Church was organized. Early Methodist families held services in their homes. The first church building, built in 1850, was located approximately where the Lee cemetery lot is located today. It was large enough to seat 500 or more. We know this because, at the beginning of the Civil War in 1860, the church had 401 white and 50 black communing members. It had a balcony where the black members sat. Wood stoves provided heat. 

Our Cemetery Has Always Told the Story of Our Past...
    In the cemetery, slaves and former slaves are buried as well as both Union and Confederate soldiers. 

The Turn of the 19th Century Sees Many Members Leave Campbellton...
     In 1870, when Fairburn became the county seat, many families and businesses left Campbellton. Houses were disassembled and moved by ox carts to Fairburn. With so many gone, by 1900 the membership of Campbellton had dropped below one hundred. The smaller present church was built in 1911.

Changing, Updating Throughout the Years...
     Over the years, many improvements have been made in our beautiful old church. Sind the mid-1950s, we have added a Sunday School building, a fellowship hall, inside plumbing, kitchen, gas heaters first and then central heat and air, steeple bell, nursery, bride's room, prayer room, church office, parsonage, paved parking lot, enclosed the front of the church and made many improvements to the sanctuary and its furnishings.

Meet The Worship Team

  1. Pastor
    Evan Hill
    Evan loves Jesus because with Jesus he can love all people without fear. He loves church because it is chance for ordinary people to get together, talk about God and life, and serve their community. In his free time, he writes songs, listens to music obsessively, reads novels, cuddles with his three cats, walks aimlessly, and loses to his lovely wife Kellie at board games. But these days Evan doesn’t have much free time because he’s also a student at Candler School of Theology.
  2. Lay leader
    Lay leader
    Dan Jones